Walk in Her Shoes Challenge 2017

Walk in Her Shoes Challenge 8-14 May 2017

It was International Women’s Day on Wednesday this week. I marked it by signing up for the Walk in Her Shoes challenge. Let me explain…

Every day, in countries all over the developing world, women and girls have to walk long distances to fetch water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. This water is often dirty and infected and because they have to spend time collecting it, these children and women miss out on the chance to go to school or to work.

CARE International provide safe clean water to communities in the developing world and by taking part in the Walk in Her Shoes challenge, I’ll be raising money to help them.

Walk in Her Shoes daily challenge

Every day for a week, from 8-14 May, I’ll be walking 10,000 steps to represent the distance that women and girls have to travel each day just to fetch water for their families. That’s approximately 7km or about 5 miles and an hour’s worth of walking every day.

Unlike the women and girls I’m representing, I haven’t missed out on opportunities to go to school, get an education and a job because of the time spent collecting water every day.

Why I’m doing it

Education is very important to me. I mainly enjoyed school, where I loved learning and I still do. Having access to free eduction opened up a world of opportunities for me to develop a career, work for world-class organisations and now to set up my own business.

Women were a big part of that education. My Mum, my Nana and Grandma actively encouraged and supported me to make the very most of every opportunity that education offered.

I also had some inspirational and memorable teachers. Miss Gaffiney taught me chemistry with an old-school strict discipline, and an depth of knowledge that made science relevant to a girl who liked nothing better than to lose herself in fiction.

Miss Gaffiney also supervised one of my earliest trips abroad and fuelled a lifelong love of travelling, and learning more about the world.

How you can help

I’m asking you to sponsor me so that I can help CARE International provide clean water to communities in the developing world and give women and girls the chance of a better future.

Because it’s not really me you’re supporting, it’s those women and girls. By providing safe, clean drinking water, you help improve health and sanitation, and offer a real chance of a better future through the opportunity of education and work.

So if you can spare a few pennies or pounds, please drop it into my virtual online bucket: www.justgiving.com/walkforcare2017.


One Response to Walk in Her Shoes Challenge 2017

  1. Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog 13th March 2017 at 9:39 am #

    What a fantastic campaign to get involved with – walking 10k steps is ok for just one day but doing it every day just to get water is just far too much and shouldn’t be happening 🙁 Well done for raising awareness and good luck.