About me

I’m a brand storyteller. I help your business share its story using words that attract attention.

I can help you create a buzz for your products or services through writing that engages your customers. I can provide the right words for your websites, emails, marketing campaigns, video scripts, newsletters, articles, blog posts, social media and much more.

And I can show you how to write effectively, and bring your creativity to work for your business.

My writing experience

I started out as a BBC journalist, so I have a nose for a story, can ask the right questions and am well practised at understanding and communicating information very quickly.

I’ve worked as a copywriter for more than 10 years. Much of that experience was writing for business software company Sage, where I specialised in communicating with business customers and developed my expertise in tone of voice.

I develop writing training and workshops to help people improve their writing skills and communicate effectively. I’ve run these for financial directors, lawyers, marketing teams, and sales people, to name just a few.

Member of the Professional Copywriters' NetworkI work with small independent businesses and large corporate organisations. When it comes to writing, one size doesn’t fit all, so I like to get to know the people I work with and tailor my copy to fit your needs.

I’m a board member for writer’s association 26 Characters whose purpose is to inspire a greater love of words in business and in life. This gives me the opportunity to collaborate with writers and artists on creative projects around the UK. I have had my work featured at the Story Museum in Oxford, the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh and in online collections including 26 Under a Northern Sky, 26 Postcodes and 26 Steps.

How can I help you?

If you need help with writing, training or brand and tone of voice, please contact me.