Blog posts and social media

New blog post

It’s never been easier to share what your business offers thanks to social media. Social platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat mean you can connect instantly and easily with thousands of customers.

But when you’re running your business you may not have the time or know-how to create valuable, shareable and appealing content that will boost your trade through social media connections.

How I can help you

I can help you connect with your customers through social media by:

  • Posting to twitter, facebook and Instagram on your behalf with relevant hashtags and links
  • Writing a bank of social media posts that you can use
  • Talking you through the tips and tools to do it for yourself

Why write blog posts?

Blog posts help build your business profile, so even more people hear about what you do. Search engines like them because they contain new content, including words, images and video. And, they give you valuable content to share on your social media channels.

I can write blog posts for you, research the kind of things your customers will be interested in and provide a ready list of topics to cover. I can make sure each post is the right length, contains relevant keywords and provides value to your audience.

So, don’t let blog posts and social media lurk on your to do list. Let me help you get started and set to work growing your business.