My purpose is to help businesses tell their story and communicate in a natural, human and engaging voice.

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Northumbria University


Christmas Farm

Sue Holdsworth Therapy

Sage (UK) Limited

Luxury Lodge Estates

What my clients say about working with me:

Michelle is the best copywriter I know. She is very helpful, giving advice when needed, fitting in jobs at short notice and also checking jobs over and making recommendations. As well as being very friendly and approachable she has a sound knowledge of a whole host of subjects as well as English language and grammar. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle, she is a pleasure to work with & quite simply brilliant.

Joanne Waddell, Marketing Executive at Arup

Michelle has added real value to a number of projects we’ve worked on together. She is definitely more than just a copywriter. She thinks objectively, has lots of great ideas, is approachable, open to ideas and very flexible. Above all, the standard of her work is very high and she always delivers comfortably to deadlines. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Geoff Phillips, Technology marketing leader, Sage

Wow! Had an amazing workshop with Michelle. I thought it was energetic, dynamic and it presented a lot of different elements to keep us hooked! I definitely left the workshop having picked up a lot of interesting information and tips when copywriting.

Colleen Carr, Northumbria University.

Michelle’s work to produce the copy for my website was first class. She took the time to really listen and understand the message I wanted to convey, and wrote it in super-quick time too. She managed to convey the essence of my business and what I can do for my customers, and saved me hours of work along the way.
Sue Holdsworth Therapy

Michelle from Wordstruck was a pleasure to work with on our magazine that was sent out to over 11,200 people. Her copywriting and proofreading skills really helped us transform the text in our magazine from what was already great content, into a professional and high quality standard that reflected our imagery and values. I would recommend Michelle if you are looking for a cost effective professional copywriter who really understands the tone and type of content you wish to create.

Laura Middlemass, Luxury Lodge Estates

In terms of the copy produced, it’s obvious to me why Michelle became a copywriter. Her writing is clear, concise and easy to understand, without compromising on depth of meaning. Quite a talent! The brochure project required Michelle to get to grips with software that she was unfamiliar and then write it in a way that explained it well to others and that’s exactly what she did. I am delighted that we were fortunate enough to wrangle some of Michelle’s resource, as it’s only with this level of both application and intelligence that we could have got the job done.

Rosie Heptonstall, Marketing Executive at 2nd Head