Newsletters are a great way to share special offers, announce new products and services, offer hints, tips and advice and share details about upcoming events. In short, they are a brilliant marketing tool for your business.

red post boxWhy write newsletters for your business?

Newsletters help you build customer loyalty. People who sign up to receive one are already interested in your business and what you do, so a newsletter is a great way of staying connected to your target market.

Offering top tips, reviews and announcements through your newsletter shows you care about your customers and encourages them to keep coming back to your business, by keeping you front of mind.

Unlike blog posts, that you have to entice or remind people to go and read, newsletters go out to a ready-made audience already interested in what you do. You can build up your list of subscribers and track the response to each newsletter, so you can see what your customers are interested in.

How I can help you

Compiling and writing quality content for regular newsletters takes time. I’m used to gathering information and putting it together quickly, so I can write your newsletters for you. I can make them look attractive and reflect how your business looks and sounds.

Worried you won’t know what to write about in your newsletters? I can manage ideas and build an editorial calendar for your newsletter, so that there’s always fresh new content ready to be delivered at the right time into your customers’ inbox.

Want a newsletter for your business? Drop me a line