Sue Holdsworth Therapy

As a writer I spend a lot of time in my own head. I’m interested in how our minds work, both professionally (how do I persuade you to choose this business over that one) and personally. So I was really excited when Sue Holdsworth Therapy asked me to write copy for her counselling and psychotherapy business.

Michelle’s work to produce the copy for my website was first class. She took the time to really listen and understand the message I wanted to convey, and wrote it in super-quick time too. She managed to convey the essence of my business and what I can do for my customers, and saved me hours of work along the way.

Sue Holdsworth Therapy

Sue Holdsworth therapy imageWe started with a really good conversation. We talked about the difference between counselling and psychotherapy; why people might be looking for help and how they might be feeling about talking to a counsellor, and lots of other things.

Sue was very honest and open and had a clear idea about what she wanted from her website.

I took my notes away, wrote a first draft and then we got together again to fine tune it. We finished with a bit of a WordPress masterclass, where I showed her how to add pages and posts to her site, so that she can continue to develop it as her business grows.

Trust is very important in a client and counsellor relationship, so I felt very privileged that Sue trusted me to write the words she uses on her website.