Writing training

A photo showing notebook, pencil and sharpener, all essential training toolsI offer business writing and creative writing training through fun, interactive workshops full of hands-on exercises, to get people thinking and putting skills into action.

Wow! Had an amazing workshop with Michelle. I thought it was energetic, dynamic and it presented a lot of different elements to keep us hooked! I definitely left the workshop having picked up a lot of interesting information and tips when copywriting.
Colleen Carr, Northumbria University.

I work with individuals or groups to develop workshops to suit your needs, providing hints, tips and techniques to improve your business writing.

I offer training in:

  • writing for the web
  • boost your brand through better writing
  • better business writing
  • or whatever you need

Whether you want to learn how to write a website that demands attention; sharpen up your emails, or get really creative with your marketing, I’d love to help. And I promise you not to just drone on over some power-point slides.

I’ve developed and presented writing workshops to hundreds of business people, from financial directors and marketing teams to sales and support staff.

Let’s talk about how I can help improve your writing skills