Luxury Lodge Estates

Luxury Lodge Estates offer amazing holiday experiences through luxury self catering and holiday homes to buy. They have 7 resorts and 3 hotels in Britain, Ireland and Europe. When they asked if I could help them meet a pressing print deadline for their customer magazine, Seasons, I said: “Of course, I can.”

Seasons Magazine editing and proofreading

I reviewed and edited the magazine copy, made some changes to bring it into line with the company’s brand and tone of voice and corrected any spelling and grammar errors. They met their deadline and over 11,200 people got to find out about all the exciting plans for Luxury Lodge Estates.

Your copywriting and proofreading skills really helped us transform the text in our magazine from what was already great content, into a professional and high quality standard that reflected our imagery and values.
Laura Middlemass, Luxury Lodge Estates

Luxury Lodge Estates Seasons Magazine - Seaham Hall spread
Luxury Lodge Estates Seasons Magazine - What's New spread